X Factor Contestant Tamera Foster Treated to Hypnotherapy Lessons

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A hypnotherapist from Northamptonshire treated former X Factor contestant Tamera Foster to hypnotherapy lessons last week to get her ready for the show.

After being recommended to the producers of the X Factor, Christian Baker received a call inviting him to the contestants house in London to meet Tamera and film them working together.

Christian said: “I was delighted to receive the call and more than happy to help out.

“Having never met, or spoken to Tamera I wasn’t sure how it would go, but she was a great girl a real pleasure to work with.”

Tamera needed helped remembering her lyrics as she had a habit of forgetting them during the live shows, and it was putting her in a bad position.

“For me it wasn’t about the Lyrics,” Christian added.

“Tamera is a talented girl who is clearly very passionate about music. Unfortunately she was starting to suffer with performance anxiety which was causing her to have a block about remembering her lyrics. This isn’t uncommon many people from all walks of life suffer with performance anxiety, it was just Tamera was doing it in front of the TV cameras and millions of viewers, and it wasn’t being helped by the pressure of everyone talking about and reminding her all the time.”

Tamera found the session beneficial and enjoyed it so much she asked to work with Christian again leading up to the show on Saturday.

In total Christian worked with Tamera four times, including during rehearsals at the TV studios in London, and just before Tamera went on stage to perform on Saturday night show.
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