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E-Cigs Have 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes

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Japanese scientists announced that e-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing carcinogens than its counterpart in the tobacco world. At one time, e-cigarettes were touted as the answer to smoking without the complication of so many dangers. The electronic nicotine products have increased in popularity with many believing that they are receiving a hit of nicotine without the health damage of a normal cigarette, laden with chemicals. However, the research commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Health found formaldehyde and acetaldehyde carcinogens in the liquid produced by a...

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A Mum’s £150k Diet Coke Habit To Be Tackled With Hypnotherapy

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akki, 42, swigs up to 50 cans a day and spends around £500 a month. When the mum of five tries to stop she suffers panic attacks and hallucinations. Now Jakki, who has been on the fizzy drink for nearly 30 years, is to see a hypnotherapist in a bid to beat her addiction. Dread She said: “Diet Coke has taken over my life. It’s as important as paying the electricity bills.’’ Jakki, a former dry cleaner from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, got ­addicted after switching from ordinary Coke on doctor’s advice to lose weight when she was 14. She shed pounds but started drinking more and...

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Pre to Post Surgery With Hypnotherapy: Use of Hypnotherapy in Surgery

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The last decade or two has witnessed an alternate form of therapy gaining a lot of popularity in the medical fraternity. This alternate therapy is hypnotherapy, which has gained a lot of popularity in the West and is also catching up in India. One of the very important areas in the medical space where the role of hypnotherapy is growing is surgery. Through this article, we are exploring the role of hypnotherapy in the lifecycle of surgery. But first it is important to understand what exactly is hypnotherapy. The moment someone says the word ‘hypno’ people think of magic, taking...

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Gemma Merna’s Hypnotherapy In Preparation For Splash Appearance

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‘Splash!’ star Gemma Merna has undergone hypnotherapy to prepare for the show and conquer her fear of water. The ‘Hollyoaks’ actress has turned to psychotherapy in a bid to overcome her water worries ahead of the new series of the ITV diving show after an incident in which – as a child – she nearly drowned. Despite being coached by Olympic bronze medallist diver Tom Daly, the blonde beauty has been suffering from panic attacks while training at the pool and has called on an expert to help. Gemma told the Daily Star newspaper: “When I was seven I had...

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Sleep’s Role in Obesity, Schizophrenia, Diabetes… Everything

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By Gary Stix | December 20, 2013 – Scientific American Is sleep good for everything? Scientists hate giving unqualified answers. But the more sleep researchers look, the more the answer seems to be tending toward a resounding affirmative. The slumbering brain plays an essential role in learning and memory, one of the findings that sleep researchers have reinforced repeatedly in recent years. But that’s not all. There’s a growing recognition that sleep appears to be involved in regulating basic metabolic processes and even in mental health. Robert Stickgold, a leading sleep...

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X Factor Contestant Tamera Foster Treated to Hypnotherapy Lessons

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A hypnotherapist from Northamptonshire treated former X Factor contestant Tamera Foster to hypnotherapy lessons last week to get her ready for the show. After being recommended to the producers of the X Factor, Christian Baker received a call inviting him to the contestants house in London to meet Tamera and film them working together. Christian said: “I was delighted to receive the call and more than happy to help out. “Having never met, or spoken to Tamera I wasn’t sure how it would go, but she was a great girl a real pleasure to work with.” Tamera needed helped remembering her...

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