Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Cornwall School of Hypnotherapy / Winchester Hypnotherapy Diploma Training are now taking applications for our September 2023/2024 intake for our online and our in-person course. This is a 10 month General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) accredited live online classroom training course for a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy that allows the diploma certificate holder to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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Cornwall School of Hypnotherapy / Winchester Hypnotherapy Diploma Training is a subsidiary of Essex Hypnotherapy Training, which is an established and well recognised accredited hypnotherapy training provider. Classes are kept small, with no more than 6-8 students, in order that all students may receive a high quality of training and mentoring throughout the course. The course has been running since 2017 under the name Cornwall School of Hypnotherapy – click the link for more detailed information about this course.

The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy offered by Cornwall School of Hypnotherapy / Winchester Hypnotherapy Diploma Training has been assessed and accredited at Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). Graduates from this course are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), who are the Registering Agency for the GHSC, at full practitioner status, and have entitlement to use the letters DipHyp after their name once qualified. The GHR is highly respected and widely recognised professional organisation.

The required hours for the hypnotherapy training course are 140 hours of in-house online tuition, spread over 10 months, at one weekend each month. A further eight hours each week are assigned to record practice sessions, evidence case studies, plus reading research and written assignments, giving a total of 460 hours over the course of the hypnotherapy training. Full details of case study requirements evidence practice sessions and homework will be given at the start of the course.

Assessment is ongoing throughout the course and a written mid-course evaluation will be given at module 5 to enable us to identify your level of understanding. Mentoring and ongoing feedback and support are available throughout the course and this is provided by the Course Tutor. The final assessment is by way of a full client session which is carried out either online or in-person, depending on which course you are enrolled on.

Successful completion of the hypnotherapy training course will require that all evidenced case studies and the final assessment are completed. Once this is submitted your study log will be signed off and the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy will be issued.

The fee for the online course is £2,250, which includes a registration fee of £250 and ten 2-day training weekends at £200 per weekend. The registration fee needs to be paid prior to the course starting and course fees can either be paid as a lump sum, or spread over the 10 months interest free. 

Course Dates – Commencing September 2023

September 9th and 10th
October 7th and 8th
November 11th and 12th
December 9th and 10th
January 13th and 14th
February 10th and 11th
March 16th and 17th
April 13th and 14th
May 11th and 12th
June 8th and 9th

There are no requirements for previous hypnotherapy training, but a standard educational background, good understanding of English and basic computer skills are needed to undertake the course, carry out research and assignments, and send and receive emailed documents.