Actress Hetty Baynes Praises Hypnotherapy for Helping to Conquer Her ‘Demons’

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AS A glamorous actress who has enjoyed roles in major TV shows from Footballers’ Wives to A Touch Of Frost and stage shows as diverse as Othello and Women Laughing, you might expect Hetty Baynes to be confident and fearless.

Yet since childhood the actress and painter has been blighted by anxiety and remembers feelings of fear and sadness from a young age.

“I would have this churning sensation in my stomach and my heart would beat really fast,” recalls Hetty, 57. “Nobody talked about their emotions back then so I never really knew whether it was normal.”

The talented painter, who last year opened an autobiographical exhibition entitled Betsy And Blapsy – Life And Times at the Strand Gallery in Covent Garden, has spent her entire adult life battling anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

“Mine was a creative, artistic and highly strung kind of family,” says Hetty, who believes many of her problems are genetic and took root in her childhood.

“My mother had terrible mood swings and I believe she probably suffered from anxiety and depression too but in those days these things weren’t really understood.”

As the youngest of five children Hetty’s formative years were unconventional.

While her father, aircraft designer Leslie Baynes, spent every weekend at the Dorset estate where they lived, her mother Margot was involved in an increasingly intense friendship with her godmother, the sculptress Mary Spencer Watson, who owned the estate and shared their home.

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