How can looking at the sky help us solve our problems?

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By Annette MacCaul
“Look Up At The Sky Day” is happening on 14th April 2014, a day dedicated to encourage us to take a moment to look up and appreciate the wonder of being alive.

We can use this change in perspective to find the solutions to our problems in life, as by looking up at the broad expansiveness of the sky what we are really doing is shifting our awareness from analysing the smaller pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of our life to seeing the bigger picture of the combination of all the puzzle pieces.

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I have found that many of the clients coming to see me at my Truro practice have issues that are exacerbated by them focusing on the problems in their lives, causing them to become trapped in the emotionally negative part of our mind that goes around in circles.

Helping clients to focus on a wider picture and see the grand scheme of things, rather than only seeing the details of what is wrong in their lives, can elevate them above the limitations of their problems and step out of the grips of the habitual emotional mind so they can move into the intellectual space that contains the answers and wisdom that we need to be able to move our lives forward.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a forward looking therapy that focuses on finding the solutions in your life. The solutions to our lives can be found when we are able to detach ourselves from the actual problems that are gripping us. By moving into a detached observer position, we are able to gain some clarity over the situations we find ourselves in and see other possibilities that are available, via external help, resources or inspired ideas that can emerge within the space that opens up when we move out of the emotional mind.

The brain is divided into two mindsets, the intellectual mind and the emotional mind. The limiting emotions of fear or anxiety are designed to keep us checking out our lives for threats or danger, but as we know we are usually not really in the type of crisis or emergency that our emotional brain tries to convince us of, we are simply not being mindful.

When we move out of the present moment, and what the mindfulness teachers describe as the “higher self”, we get pulled back in to the primitive part of the brain that is constantly on high alert, predicting and forecasting the future with obsessive risk assessment, or tracking back into the past, where previous templates of behaviour and patterns are repeated in order to keep us “safe”.

The emotional part of our brain is certainly not exploratory, it wants to stay inside the comfort zone, and is reluctant to allow you to broaden your horizon with innovative thinking.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy teaches you to move out into this expansiveness and helps you understand that you are not your primitive mind, but you are actually your intellectual mind. That part of your mind that knows calm, knows clarity, knows happiness and knows creativity.

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