Why E-Cigarettes Are A Waste Of Time – and Money

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If you are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking then you could be wasting your time – and money. It is likely that they will not help you quit smoking. Here’s why… E-cigarette addiction: E-cigarette users usually become addicts of e-cigarettes. Manufacturers argue that it is the lesser of evils. However there has not been enough research to confirm the long term effects of e-cigarettes. Time will tell whether they are less harmful, and by how much. But… Wouldn’t it be better if you had no addiction? E-cigarettes still contain poisonous nicotine. Nicotine: Nicotine is the major toxic...

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Decluttering the Brain

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By Annette MacCaul for Truro Community Times. Spring is a time to sort, sift, organise, and declutter our environments after the long (and wet) winter days. But what about an environment that lives inside of us, that we sometimes don’t even realise needs a good clear out from time to time? Our brains! Annette MacCaul, a local Solution Focused Hypnotherapist practising in Truro reveals, “Did you know that the average human brain thinks around 70,000 thoughts a day? That is a lot of thinking! Those thoughts can be neutral, optimistic or pessimistic.” She says “It’s...

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